Medical Treatment

At Intervention California, we have the highest in medically trained professionals to help you through your detox from alcohol or drugs and into sober living. Firstly, every Rehab Coach that picks you up with our private pick-up service is medically trained and has available a naloxone injection, which is an injection that is administered in case of opiate overdose. We specialize in all different types of alcohol and drug addictions. We want you to get clean, and in case of an overdose, we’ve got your back on the ride to recovery.

Secondly, we offer a Suboxone Treatment program for addicts of opiate painkillers and heroin. Suboxone is a medicine taken daily to help block the brain’s opiate receptors. Continued use of Suboxone will help tremendously in the fight against opiate addition. It is a medicine taken daily to help block the brain’s opiate receptors. It blocks the brain from getting the desired feeling from taking opiates. They will not be able to take affect as long as you follow your personal treatment plan of daily doses. Come to Intervention California today, and we can put you on such a treatment path to sobriety with help from Suboxone.

Thirdly, for even additional help in the fight against opiate addiction we now offer the Vivitrol Implant. Vivitrol is a once monthly injection that blocks opiate receptors in the brain for a whole month at a time. If you are seriously ready to stop using, and take your life back, then Vivitrol is for you.

At Intervention California, we offer all these cutting edge detox treatment programs with the necessary medication regime. You can get off drugs. Come Join Us! Call now, 714-654-2325.